Bus all-pay integrated POS machine(GL-POS-A110 )

Background and advantages:With the fast development of urban modernization, the contradiction between years of stagnant transportation payment means and increasingly advanced financial payment means has gradually emerged.In China, large and medium-sized cities are faced with huge traffic pressures, and traffic operators are also faced with the problem of uncontrolled management, without a suitable solution for management and operation management systems.Golong’s public transport Internet payment solutions that solve the problems of public transport operators by using advanced technologies such as computers, communications, electronics, and the Internet have increasingly attracted the attention and favor of urban public transport operators and managers.


GL-POS-A106 all-pay integrated POS machine, this system consists of a newly designed card reader module and a new generation of carefully optimized scanners.Besides, this machine has a compact structure, beautiful design, and excellent operating performance.Fully supported:Payment of third-party financial platform Alipay, WeChat etc.; Unionpay Quickpass; QR code of bus mechants APP; Compatible with contactless IC card; And a majority of payment methods, users can choose various payment methods easily and take a bus happily. 


platform technology

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Database system default MySQL, realize read/write separation through components, establish database clusters, introduce efficient engines into main database, and improve write performance.

Communication server:

The communication server uses mature communication components (strong concurrent processing power and good stability)uses load balancing technology to improve concurrent processing performance and extensibility of background systems

Database components:

Database operations use popular components and improve database performance greatly.

Asynchronous processing technology:

Use Async asynchronous processing technology to improve the performance of clearing concurrent processing

three-layer structure:

The background management system adopts a three-tier architecture BS system to facilitate deployment and application expansion;

Technical Parameters

Golong Technology 

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Standard onboard 4.3 inches LCD display.

Industrial control board (physical dual core) and RFID reader antenna.

Industrial grade mobile phone scanning code module.

Professional onboard power solution, support 7-60V DC power input.

Multiple vehicle equipment data access interfaces(RS485、RS232、CAN)

Optional multiple wireless communication modules (Bluetooth, wifi, GPRS, 4G).

Multiple positioning modules available (GPS, Beidou, GLONASS).



Application Scope 

Golong Technology

Pioneer of mobile payment