Intelligent parking barrier system

1. When vehicle enters  into the field area, the parking space display screen will show the remaining parking spaces on each floor

2. When vehicle enters into the fork, the parking guidance screen will show the status of parking spaces in each area.

3. After entering the parking space, it will identify the license plate number and upload it to the system

4. After identifying the parking space, the light turns red and the owner leaves

5. When the car is picked up, enter the license plate number on the inquiry desk, the electronic map and the optimal route will be displayed on the screen




GL-BG-D101 management system of parking barrier

1. Improve entry and exit efficiency and improve management level

2. Quick collection of funds, eliminate cash troubles;Reduce labor costs and achieve unattended ultimately

3. Alipay and Citizen Cards provide user consumption data analysis to help merchants understand visitor characteristics, expand more services, achieve targeted marketing and discounted message delivery.

4. No need to queue up for payment, increase user experience;Free access to parking fees and discounts;Search for remaining parking spaces, parking space reservation and navigation, save parking time

5. Enjoy parking payment discounts and recharge discounts

6. Remote-aware merchant discounts and latest business information sharing