Highway toll integrated POS machine

Revolutionist of public transport payment



                                                                                          Core Function

       When the users passing through the toll station, toll operators will inform the users of the toll, and the users can choose Alipay, Wechat, Unionpay QuickPass, Union wallet and scan QR code to pay. It brings us a lot of benefits, like accelerating the speed of charging, improving efficiency and saving time. 

                                                                                          Core Technology



                                                                       Highway toll integrated POS machine


1. Card-swiping product (UnionPay Card), Alipay, Wechat, UnionPay wallet code-scanning integration design

2. It not only supports the mainstream payment methods, but also facilitates APP data access and provide a good data interface.

3. Statistics on passenger flow in different time periods, as well as daily passenger flow and monthly passenger flow.Through real-time passenger flow data in different time periods, intelligent scheduling can be better supported and more accurate passenger flow data can be provided for the scheduling system so as to achieve reasonable scheduling.

4. According to real-time passenger flow information and passenger flow OD, it can play a role in traffic dispersion and improving vehicle speed.