Golong all-pay coin box

Circuit protection design

The all-pay coin box uses onboard power supply, and stay energized for 24 hours. It has anti-high voltage DC, anti-voltage instability design, wide power supply, and non-polarity input.

Safe and convenient switch box door design

After the card is swiped in the induction area of the RF10 card, the verification of the instruction is passed, and the built-in multi-stage speed change gear drives the linkage mechanism to interlock with the lock, automatically open the door, and automatically lock the door after closing the door.

Illegal unpack alarm

Any illegal unpacking behavior that does not pass the password authentication and does not close the door will be alarmed.

Offline management design

With the stable and reliable offline management function, the management card is used to collect all relevant management usage information within one week of each period in the card sensing area to understand the working condition of the coin box.