8000 buses in Hangzhou fully support UnionPay Quickpass and Alipay mobile payment
Release time:2018-07-19

Since May of this year, Hangzhou, the forerunner of smart transportation, has taken the lead in opening up mobile payment. When taking a bus, people will find that there is a POS machine on the bus. Equipped with Golong POS machines, the citizens will have multiple payment options, like Alipay code-scanning payment, UnionPay Quickpass and other kinds of smart phone pay, smart terminal of watch and bracelet. Hangzhou is the first city to implement bus mobile payment. Up to now, Hangzhou Public Transport Group has administered all bus lines, and more than 8000 buses have fully supported the ticket purchase of UnionPay Quickpass and Alipay scan codes, covering the downtown area, Xiasha. Xiaoshan, Yuhang, and Dajiang East.


After the G20 Hangzhou Summit, the image of Hangzhou's international tourism city was further highlighted, and become a new business card for China’s foreign contacts. Golong Technology will assist the construction of Hangzhou’s intelligent model city, making Hangzhou a veritable mobile payment city.