The first tram in Wuhan is equipped with Golong POS machine to realize the city's intelligent traffic!
Release time:2018-10-12

On 28th July, the first modern tram in Central China opened in Wuhan Development Zone. Wuhan tram line starts from (Huanglingguan)lianhu Road in the west, passing Phoenix Avenue, Zhushan 2nd Road, Quanli 3rd Road, Houguanhu Avenue, Checheng West Road, Chaoyang Avenue, and the terminal is the wheel square of Chaoyang Avenue. Achieve seamlessly transfer between Wheel Square Station and Metro Line 3 Chaotic Avenue Station.


It is worth mentioning that this first Wuhan tram is also equipped with the hot mobile payment POS machine, breaking the traditional coin placement and card-swiping payment. And now the Golong POS machine is equipped with payment methods like UnionPay Quickpass HCE (Android) and various smartphone Pay, which is very convenient for passengers.

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