Payment solution of public transportation
Release time:2018-06-10

Public transportation is not only an important way to improve utilization efficiency of traffic resources and alleviate traffic jams, but also a main direction of traffic solutions for big cities.With the expansion of city and the development of economy, city residents' demand for improving the travel conditions, especially the payment convenience problem of public transportation (buses, passenger cars etc.) , has become more and more urgent.

In this background, Golong developed all-pay code-scannning and card-swiping machine.Currently, developed onboard POS machine can fully support:various payment methods like Alipay、Wechat、Unionpay Quickpass、contactless IC card、smartphone with NFC etc. which is convenient for passengers to choose, thus realizing a breakthrough of bus all-pay charging terminal.

Swipe contactless IC card when taking a bus

Golong bus POS machine supports read-write operation of contactless IC card and card balance display on LED screen.


Scan QR when taking a bus

Golong onboard POS machine supports code-scanning payment, including Alipay QR、Wechat QR、APP QR. Bus payment code which co-developed with Alipay adopts  specialized encryption algorithms and it can conduct secure offline verification only for bus code-scanning machine.Safer payment.

Swipe Unionpay card when taking a bus

Golong bus POS machine supports taking a bus by swiping Unionpay Quickpass.Each card with chip can directly scan to pay.Much convenient payment