Non-inductive payment solution
Release time:2018-07-26

With the continuous development of technology, the application of the Internet in life can be seen everywhere. This is the case for the highway toll station, It uses the non-inductive payment instead of the original manual charge, which greatly saves the time for the owners to pass through the toll station. It is beneficial to reduce the traffic congestion and human resources.

Non-parking non-inductive payment=license plate payment

Based on the vehicle identification system, the owner binds the license plate and other information to the mobile payment account, uses the license plate as the payment code, and does the password-less payment through linking to the payment account. The owner can quickly get through the parking barrier without taking out the mobile phone. 



Application system of HD license plate recognition

▲Use integrated machine to greatly simplify the construction of the toll lane monitoring system;

▲Adopt dual network card mode to perfectly solve the problems of dual network transmission and isolation in the HD era;

▲With 3 million pixels, it is effectively compatible with the pixel requirements for license plate recognition and lane monitoring;

▲Adopt smart HD identification acquisition processing unit of image acquisition and recognition processing integration;

▲HD imaging, clear visibility of the entire front face in all weather;

▲High license plate recognition rate and high independence of license plate recognition system;

▲Advanced image matching algorithm;