Intelligent scenic charging solution
Release time:2018-07-18

At present, most of the tickets for scenic spots use manual ticketing and manual ticket checking. Due to the manual method, there are generally shortcomings such as slow report statistics, many loopholes, high error rate, and high labor intensity. With the development of information technology, computer information encryption and recognition technologies are gradually applied to the scenic ticket management system. It can achieve multi-channel ticketing, multi-terminal ticketing and multi-modal ticketing statistics for the entire scenic spot, and effectively eliminate bad phenomena such as missed tickets, fake tickets, re-vouchers, personal votes and internal financial loopholes, which will bring a new brand to traditional tourism management. The ticket management level of the scenic spot has been improved, thus adapting to the needs of modern management; at the same time, the overall image and work efficiency of the scenic spot has been improved accordingly.


● The traditional charging model is inefficient and the tourists stay for a long time;

● The scenic is crowded and tourists queued for too long, which reducing the experience of scenic spots;

● There is a potential safety hazard in the long queue time, which affects the secondary consumption income of the scenic;

Golong Technology——Intelligent scenic charging solution

PART1 —— Electronic ticketing system


PART2 —— code-scanning payment of intelligent auto-gate machine


Through self-service identification and data transmission performance of the QR code scanner built in the gate, visitors do not need to buy a ticket. When entering the park, they only need to open the payment code interface and scan it. The ticket-buying process is complete successfully only in as little as three seconds.


Service benefits

● Improve management level: standardize pedestrians' entry and exit, control the authorized flow of the channel, and realize functions such as access control, attendance, current limit, charging etc., and improve management level and standardization;

●Reduce labor costs: reduce the workload of money count, change and authenticity identification for toll collectors;

● Payment method mobile interconnection: support third-party payment methods such as Alipay, WeChat, and Quickpass payment to solve cash troubles and reduce capital security risks;

● Improve traffic efficiency: Improve the efficiency of charging work (more than 10 seconds faster than traditional cash charges) and reduce the waiting time for queuing;