Bus POS payment application
Release time:2018-06-13

Mobile Payment System (UMPS) is a mobile data value-added service platform launched for mobile phone shopping and payment applications. UMPS covers various functions such as transaction control, account management, settlement and reconciliation, customer service etc. It has standard data exchange interfaces with mobile communication systems, mobile billing systems, mobile service support systems, banks, and application service providers (merchants) etc. payment merchants bring a variety of mobile payment services to mobile phone terminal users through SMS, WAP, IVR and other methods.

Passengers use the smart phone to realize the quick payment function through the bus POS terminal, speed up boarding speed, and slow down the congestion on the bus. At the same time, say "goodbye" for passengers and change, and provide services for the further decompression of the pocket.


As the "natural entrance" of the mobile Internet, bus POS mobile payment machine has the following advantages:

1. Meet the basic needs of life: meet the basic needs of urban residents on the daily bus travel;

2. High use frequency: the daily use frequency is higher, at least 2 times a day or more, with a certain rigidity demand;

3. Convenience: The mobile payment function is convenient、fast, and the user experience is good. At the same time, it solves the problems of “finance change” and “pocket pressure” for passengers;

4. Drainage function: As the first step of platform’s payment function, passengers can be quickly diverted to other application functions and sectors of the platform to quickly promote other related businesses and have guiding advantages for customers;

5. Billions of user scales: the user base is huge, the number of users is large, the stable users at the city level, the size of billions of users, is a good position for mobile payment portals. It can quickly expand the coverage and influence of mobile payment methods, and gain huge quantity of users.

6. Value pipeline: As a convenient payment tool close to the user's life, the product is sticky and the customer stability is high;

7. Information-to-person service: Through the analysis of passengers' life trajectory, it can realize the accurate delivery and push of big data content, and the precise service of information to people.

As the "natural entrance" of the mobile Internet, the public transportation POS mobile payment system has the following characteristics:

1. Convenience: It is convenient for passengers to pay the bus fare, eliminating the trouble of finding coins and redeeming coins, and letting passengers say goodbye to plenty of cards.

2. Portable: Passengers can carry out mobile phone payment and realize electronic mobile payment function by simply carrying a smart phone, so that passengers can fully enjoy the high-quality life brought by intelligent city;

3. Versatility: Any smartphone can be used with high versatility;

4. Security: Pay through Alipay and Tenpay, provide a variety of secure payment options.

As a means of urban intelligent bus payment, Golong bus POS machine provides the following functions for urban bus operation managers while providing convenient and fast service to passengers:

1. Obtain passenger information through the use of machine and carry out value-added marketing;

2. Improve passenger use and increase the proportion of public transportation use because of it’s convenience and fastness;

3. Funds are cleared quickly;

4. Reduce the labor costs and operating costs of bus companies

5. Optimize the line to provide data support;

6. Create an intelligent city、intelligent transportation

Taking a bus as part of the offline scene, it is traditional enough, the user population is relatively mature, the user base is quite large, and the frequency of consumption is high. In the face of the troubles for passengers to change and recharge, the use of mobile payment can provide great convenience for passengers, high user stickiness and stable customer base. As the first payment function of the platform, Golong bus POS can quickly be diverted to other application functions and sections of the platform to quickly promote other related services and guide customers.