Data solution of urban bus cloud
Release time:2018-06-13

Automation of intelligent system

        Intelligent management system of Golong big data and cloud calculating can achieve plenty of functions. For example, when passengers lost things on bus but could't tell the bus number. If they use mobile payment, bus company can search this bus according to the driving record and contact the driver in time.

Data integration and fusion platform

        Data integration and fusion is a progress to extract、transformand load data, thus realizing data visualization between different systems and data sources, and collecting geographic location, passenger attributes, bus routes, and business data together.The platform break the data island through data exchange and realize data interchange and business collaboration between different systems;Though data integration and fusion gather scattered data into data mart or data warehouse, then form a data asset library.

        The platform provides rich、componentized extraction, transformstion and component loading. Through arrangement and combination of components forms a working progress of data integration, making the data acquisition and analysis more visualized and personalized.


Data analysis and decision aids platform

Data analysis and decision aids is a progress of data collection, fusion, mining and analysis. It presents the analyzed data to users in dynamic and intuitive forms of multi-dimensional reports and graphics, thus providing data basis for user's decision-making.Usually, user's effective demands for data analysis and decision aid need supports of a strong decision analysis system, in order to integrate various functions in this system, and to provide users a unified system application environment.Golong urban bus cloud system can acquire real-time driver's commuting data, passenger data, bus passenger flow data, establish vehicle scheduling model, passenger service model, provide data support for bus network optimization, and realize intelligent scheduling.