Solutions of Highway intelligent charging system
Release time:2018-06-11

Highway toll system is an important part of highway services.In toll services, because of traditional methods, all kinds of hard problems will come out, however, Hangzhou Golong highway toll station all-pay integrated machine will solve these problems and pass the management object to information object's management system, thus pushing toll management work to a new level.

Golong highway intelligent charge machine can strengthen the management of expropriation, thus realizing information collection, processing, classification, storage, inquiry, transmission computerized.As for work, improve work efficiency in work;as for service, achieve information sharing and  society-oriented service;in terms of work environment, improve working conditions and reduce labor intensity. 


      Masses demand:Queue costs are needed when passing through the toll station; No cash on hand when passing through the toll station 

Customer demand: High pressure of manual toll collection, difficulty in accounting, high financial cost; Counterfeit currency and stumptail problem 

Policy support: The State Council has issued important documents like “guidance on active promotion of the internet+ action”、“the outline of promoting big data development” and so on to accelerate the construction of "intelligent transportation". 


Golong highway intelligent charge machine can improve traffic efficiency、reduce operation costs and management costs, and increase vehicle passing rate in a short time. 

Mitigate capital security risk: Solve the problem of carrying bulk cash for drivers, and mitigate capital security risk; 

Reduce labor costs: Reduce the workload of counting,changing and  identifying money authenticity for toll operators. 

Make the payment mobile and interconnected:Support Alipay, Wechat pay, QuickPass and other third party payment. 

Improve traffic efficiency: Improve charge efficiency(More than 10 seconds faster compared with traditional cash charge), alleviate traffic pressure at peak times. 

       Hangzhou Golong which focused on comprehensive solutions to industrial-grade mobile payment terminals, Highway POS integrated payment machine, scan payment and mobile payment, will bring a new experience to customer.When the users passing through the toll station, toll operators will inform the users of the toll, and the users can choose Alipay, Wechat, Union QuickPass, Union wallet and scan QR code to pay. Online payment solves many cash problems, such as no enough cash, inconvenience for change, low efficiency and so on. Thus it brings us a lot of benefits, like accelerating the speed of charging, improving efficiency and saving time, which will make the daily travel become more convenient for users.