AI Road Conditon Monitoring System

The system uses cameras equipped on vehicles to capture and identify the abnormal road conditions, such as road cracks, potholes, obstacles, and transfer to the cloud platform. The abnormal road conditions reach the manager who will check the status and location, and arrange troubleshooting if necessary.

Solutions of Highway intelligent charging system

Highway toll system is an important part of highway services.In toll services, because of traditional methods, all kinds of hard problems will come out, however, Hangzhou Golong highway toll station all-pay integrated machine will solve these problems and pass the management object to information object's management system, thus pushing toll management work to a new level.

Data solution of urban bus cloud

Intelligent management system of Golong big data and cloud calculating can achieve plenty of functions. For example, when passengers lost things on bus but could't tell the bus number. If they use mobile payment, bus company can search this bus according to the driving record and contact the driver in time.

Bus POS payment application

Mobile Payment System (UMPS) is a mobile data value-added service platform launched for mobile phone shopping and payment applications.

Intelligent scenic charging solution

With the development of information technology, computer information encryption and recognition technologies are gradually applied to the scenic ticket management system. It can achieve multi-channel ticketing, multi-terminal ticketing and multi-modal ticketing statistics for the entire scenic spot, and effectively eliminate bad phenomena such as missed tickets, fake tickets, re-vouchers, personal votes and internal financial loopholes, which will bring a new brand to traditional tourism management.

Payment solution of public transportation

Public transportation is not only an important way to improve utilization efficiency of traffic resources and alleviate traffic jams, but also a main direction of traffic solutions for big cities.With the expansion of city and the development of economy, city residents' demand for improving the travel conditions, especially the payment convenience problem of public transportation (buses, passenger cars etc.) , has become more and more urgent.