The First RCC Riding Code of Harvest Internet APP goes online in Wuyi City
Release time:December 18, 2020

It is understood that as one of the initiators and promoters of the construction of Wuyi smart bus convenience project, Wuyi Rural Commercial Bank and Wuyi Automobile Transportation Co., Ltd. have actively arranged the "Bus Project of Smart Payment" since 2018. 186 buses in all township streets of the county are equipped with the intelligent POS equipment of Hangzhou Golong Technology Co., Ltd., taking the lead in realizing the code scanning payment for bus taking.


With the cooperative efforts of Wuyi Rural Commercial Bank and Hangzhou Golong technology Co.Ltd, the riding code of Harvest Internet APP was successfully launched in Wuyi, marking another solid step in the convenience demonstration project of digital application and mobile payment.

At the same time, thanks to the promotion and application of riding codes, Wuyi also took the lead in realizing the compatibility of Alipay, Wechat, Harvest Internet and Cloud flashing payment on urban and rural buses, effectively improving the citizens' satisfaction with financial services. 

In the next stage, Wuyi Rural Commercial Bank will further unite with GOLONG and other forces, and will take the opportunity of promoting digital transformation to further strengthen the integration of "smart finance" and people's livelihood services; Carry out projects such as "smart Finance + tourism" and "smart Finance + campus";Constantly enrich the connotation of financial services and improve the quality and efficiency of "Finance +" services;Promote local economic development and social livelihood improvement in Wuyi with better financial services.