With the help of GOLONG , the urban-rural integration of Wencheng Bus make it really convenient to ride the bus by Face Recognition!
Release time:June 24, 2020

Urban and rural buses travel on the rural roads, carring the villagers to visit, work ...Since the opening of urban and rural buses in Wencheng last December, low fares, fixed shifts and standardized services have made citizens' travel more convenient and comfortable.

Recently, most of the buses from the county passenger transport center to the villages and towns have been replaced with new vehicles, and the payment methods of Wechat bus code and Alipay bus code have been added to each vehicle. The comfortable riding environment and the considerate service have won the unanimous praise of passengers.

"Wencheng Travelling, Face Recognition" payment targets the elderly over 70 years old. As long as they take the buses in urban and rural areas, they only needed to follow the relevant data in the WeChat platform. After that, they could take the bus and pay by face recognition , so that the elderly could take the bus without bringing their cards.


In recent years, Wencheng County has basically realized the seamless connection between urban and rural public transport and opened up the "last kilometer" of urban and rural public transport through a series of reform measures such as improving the mechanism, grasping long-term effects, accurately implementing policies and solving difficult problems, adjusting measures to local conditions and improving services.