You are invited to visit the China(Guangzhou) Int'l Commercial Payment System & Device Expo.
Release time:May 15, 2020

GOLONG invites you to the China(Guangzhou) Int'l Commercial Payment System & Device Expo.(CCP 2020).

Date: August 3-5, 2020

Venue:China Import& Export Fair Complex(Area C)

Scale: 30000 m2 | 400 + exhibitors | 30000 + visitors

Content: POS machine | intelligent cash register | self-service cash register | mobile payment | printing equipment | coin payment system | automatic identification equipment | cash register software and management system | weighing devicef95fdd5f52fa756c4f4d5134d91e048

Hangzhou Golong Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Hangzhou, a big e-commerce city in China. It is a technology company focusing on comprehensive solutions for industrial mobile payment, while it is in a leading position in the field of industrial mobile payment. Since its establishment, the company has gathered a group of professionals to work together to provide customers with comprehensive solutions for industrial travel payment machines, industrial big data operation and industrial Internet operation.

GOLONG is the first manufacturer in the country to introduce full payment POS machines into the field of public transportation. Through innovative technologies, we focus on smart travel and smart public transportation, providing innovative solutions for multiple scenarios such as public transportation, railways, highways, parking lots, highways, etc. In the field of smart travel,  we can provide one-stop solutions for smart bus, smart subway, smart gas station, smart parking, smart highway, etc.

In the coming "mobile Internet" era, we are adhering to the professional, dedicated development concept, and strive to build a professional high-tech enterprise with industry-leading, domestic first-class software and hardware development and integration of Internet + mobile payment system, which is the most influential and trusted.

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 All-Pay Bus POS Machine


 Face Recognition Payment Bus Machine


Mini Embeddable POS Machine


Cafeteria Payment POS Machine

By now, GOLONG Travel Payment products have covered more than 140 cities in China:


In March 2020,Long Win Bus (Hong Kong) officially launched the GOLONG Mobile Payment products:


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