Face recognition is already great?! Face recognition is already great?! Face payment is the real KING!
Release time:April 30, 2020

In recent years, with the rapid development of science and technology in China, the application of black technology to automobiles has exceeded our imagination. Especially in the last two years, with the promotion of face recognition technology and offline face payment, face payment has been booming at a time.However, the application of face recognition payment technology on buses is slower than that of bus scanner payment. This is not only because of the technical problems of face recognition technology in complex bus environment, but also because of the acceptability of bus face payment for public. So, what are the problems of bus face recognition payment technology?


First, fast payments are required in the public transport sector.The speed of traffic cards swiping needs to be kept between milliseconds.Although the fce recognition payment can not meet the high requirements, it still needs a faster speed to meet the fast traffic environment.Transportation does not require high-precision certification comparisons in finance, government, customs,etc., or even discards certain recognition accuracy to improve the speed of traffic. Therefore, according to the public transportation environment and different needs, Hangzhou GOLONG uses a real-time online + offline scheme to authenticate, which ensures a certain recognition rate and improves the speed of face matching appropriately.

GOLONG is the first manufacturer in China to introduce full-paid POS machine into bus industry. Through innovative technology and solutions, it focuses on smart travel and smart bus to provide SAAS industry solutions for bus. GOLONG hopes to explore safer and more efficient payment schemes for bus face recognition with its strong technical reserve and rich experience in landing.