Golong 2019 annual meeting
Release time:2019-01-30

2019 Golong annual meeting held near the Xixi Wetland on 28th Jan! "Gathering strength, Create glory again"国朗科技2019年会 (3)

          All colleagues gathered toghther to look back and look forward to the future, and enjoy a warm and happy gathering.

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        At the beginning, president Ms. Zhang's opening speech brought us back to the work achievements of 2018, and gave a brief guiding report on the planning and work direction of 2019, which has placed confidence, challenges and expectations for the company's future development blueprint. . At the same time, the leaders of various departments reported on the development direction and related plans of the company in the coming year.

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        The annual conference rewarded outstanding employees in the marketing, project, research and development, and administrative departments. Among them, some dare to be first, through the improvement and innovation of products and services, and have achieved practical value of innovation; some quietly work, do not need rhetoric, use action to shine as a brilliance of ordinary screws; some use Wisdom, tenacity and perseverance inject strength into the construction of the country's big family.

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        Before the opening of the party, Ms. Zhang raised his glass and shared a glass of wine that symbolizes Golong with everyone present, igniting the heart of every colleague. In order to thank all employees for their sweat in the past year, to pass on the concept of healthy living and happy work, the annual meeting also set up a lottery and interactive game, and the prizes were rich. The novel and interesting interactive game renders the warm atmosphere of the whole annual meeting.



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        The rapid development of Golong is inseparable from the passion and hard work of the family. We are in an era of transformation and progress. It is an era of entrepreneurship; we must be the representatives of "advanced", seize the opportunities of the development of the times, and take advantage of the momentum; be optimistic, positive and enterprising, the company's future blueprint will be even better.